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The company arises from the need to offer a 360 ° service, with a view to a considerable reduction in management, stock management and stock management costs.

The experience gained over the years in the business sector is aimed at supporting the needs of companies, in a period of evident and prolonged economic crisis, to employ human and financial resources to persecute more important and concrete goals, freeing them from research of the best price and the most appropriate product on a variety of suppliers, dramatically reducing the delivery timing and costs themselves.

L.F.Technology Srl, offers online services from online warehouse management, to account deposits with billing customers at the time of product use and immediate reinstatement of the minimum stock.

A mix of services, with the utmost attention to waste management and the certainty of relying on a secure, fast and reliable partnership, in fact totally changing the elementary supply ratio, based on only the cost of the product required, without taking account for far more incisive factors on the counter value that can offer our innovative supply concept; secure stocks with the possibility of remote access and verification of the actual presence of the latter.

L.F.Technology Srl are complies with the requirement ISO 9001:2015

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